Entrance tickets and tickets

Do you run a museum, zoo, cinema, theatre, organize concerts or have you just opened an attraction for which you need to sell tickets?

Epos offers you trouble-free production and delivery. We can produce our tickets in various formats and on various types of paper. 

For example, you can choose from thermal paper, offset paper, glossy and matte coated paper or even security paper, where you can also choose your preferred weight or get advice from us based on our many years of experience. 

Even you can take advantage of professional ticket printing provided by Epos! We offer tickets for cultural or social events in weights ranging from 50 to 220 g/m2, depending on your wishes.


We offer ticket printing for:

  • cinemas and theatres;
  • castles and palaces;
  • museums;
  • water parks and swimming pools;
  • sports grounds and ski lifts;
  • cultural and social events.

Entrance tickets and tickets made by Epos are:

  • high quality;
  • produced even in small series;
  • quickly delivered;
  • resistant even in extreme conditions;
  • protected against counterfeiting.

Type of paper

  • thermal paper in weights of 55–180 g/m2;
  • coated paper (gloss, matt)
  • paper with security features;
  • offset paper.
  • water resistant synthetic paper


Delivery method

We will deliver your tickets in a reel, folded or in sheets according to the possibilities of your printers. We will consult everything with you in advance, helping you choose the most suitable option and deliver it as soon as possible.

Tickets in a reel

Classic tickets for printers, where the individual tickets are without perforation (the printer cuts the ticket itself) or with perforation (for tearing off by the operator). The tickets may also have a perforated check stub. 


Folded tickets

Tickets folded 1 or more on top of each other. Tickets are separated by perforation and may also have a perforated check stub.

The advantage of folded tickets over cards in a reel is that they can be folded in a larger endless strip into a box, thus reducing the frequency of refilling tickets at the printer. Another advantage is that the tickets do not get twisted up.


Tickets in sheets

Tickets on a format sheet. Each sheet contains a number of tickets which are separated by perforations. There is also the possibility of having a perforated check stub. 
Used mainly in common format printers (e.g. A4) 


Perforation and cutting

Perforation is a very important part of a ticket. The result of a quality and correctly selected perforation is how easy the ticket or the check stub is to tear off, ensuring that the ticket is not damaged outside of the perforation. Our perforations undergo double inspection during the production process.
The cut-out of the ticket itself is important for the correct functioning of the feed, stopping and printing on the specially designed printer. You do not want your printer to print ticket information outside of the print area itself.
Our cutting system ensures high quality cutting without burrs. It won’t clog your printer and will extend the life of your printheads. …. it’s a guarantee that all tickets will be exactly the same, ensuring a high quality cut.

Graphic design

Processing your existing graphic design or creating a new graphic design by our own graphic studio is a given – all according to your requirements.


Ticket printing

Each ticket must have a print that represents the event or visit to your facility. It’s your "business card" after all, isn't it?

Epos offers you high-quality monochrome or multi-colour printing of your ticket on one or both sides. 

We can also print a ticket in such a way that you do not need white space to print from your printer, but you can print directly into the graphics. 

The text from your printer will always remain perfectly legible!


Protective elements

If you need to secure your tickets against counterfeiting, we can offer you a lot of security features that can be implemented directly into the paper itself or are part of special printing inks.

For example, the security features we offer are used for carrier tickets or banknotes.



Yet, there is more!

Do you need tickets that have to last for longer periods or the possibility of bad weather at events held outdoors? 
Then we’ll help you choose the right paper or its protection so that your visitors don’t have any bad experience when entering your event.

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